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Try out some fresh, vivid hair colors throughout the summer. Summer is a great time to experiment with bright and lovely colors, whether you’re going to a festival, the beach, or just want to change up your appearance. This post looks at 25 amazing, in-vogue summer hair color options. We have you covered with anything from bright, vivid hues to gentle, sun-kissed highlights.

Let’s get right to choosing your ideal summertime hair color!

Marine Blue Waves

Imagine yourself walking along the beach with the waves smashing behind you and your hair reflecting the vivid blue of the seabed. Light blonde roots and dramatic blue ends in this gorgeous style create a summertime mermaid-inspired appearance. The waves give the strong hue a delicate, romantic touch.

Sensual Brunette Curls

Think about these velvety brown curls for a more understated yet elegant summer appearance. Light highlights give the natural brown tones more depth and character in the hair. For individuals who want to keep things stylish yet current, this look skillfully blends sophistication with a hint of playfulness.

Flame Red Tresses

These flaming red hairs will help you channel your inner siren. This summer, make a big impression with the rich, brilliant color. Those who wish to stand out and express their fiery side will find this style perfect because of the romantic and feminine touch that the loose, flowing waves provide.

Blonde Sunkissed

Sun-kissed blonde hair embodies summer. You seem bright and young because of the gentle, golden tones, which resemble the natural highlights from being outside. Wearing this style straight, wavy, or curly makes it a fantastic choice for any summer activity.

Flower Dreams

With these lovely violet locks, enter a magical realm. Summer festivities and adventures seem fantastically imaginative and ethereal, thanks to the gentle purple tones. This season’s must-try hair color is fun and classy when worn with free curls.

Organic Dyeing

This gorgeous balayage will let you embrace the beauty of natural tones. Summertime looks flawless and sun-kissed when dark and light brown tones are blended together. This is a low-maintenance, gorgeously growing style that is perfect for anyone who wants to seem put-together without trying.

Spotted Redhead

Give this freckled redhead appearance a boost to your inherent attractiveness. Naturally occurring freckles balance the rich red tones, giving the look of vitality and freshness. Those who like to highlight their distinctive characteristics and make a statement with a vivid hair color will love this look.

Soledad Ombre

This gorgeous ombre will give your hair the hues of a sunny evening. A warm and welcoming appearance evoking a stunning sunset is produced by the combination of blonde, pink, and orange colors. Those who like to give their hair a little color without going overboard will find this style ideal.

Luminous Purple Waves

Using these vivid purple waves, make a statement. Those who wish to stand out and embrace their daring side will love the rich, deep purple hue. This style is fantastic for summer since it’s both edgy and stylish when paired with loose, beachy hair.

Yellow Magic

Turn heads with this gorgeous magenta hair color. Those who like to create a strong and colorful statement will find the deep, rich color ideal. The color in this design really pops in the sunlight, giving your appearance a little enchantment.

Shining Ombre Waves

For brunettes wishing to give their style a hint of summer, this captivating combination of dark roots and light ends produces a naturally sun-kissed image. The gentle change from dark to light gives the hair additional volume and depth. Summer appeal radiates from this easygoing, low-maintenance look.

Elegant Bob in Platinum Blonde

Never before had short hair looked so good! All about making a big impression is this stylish platinum blonde bob. In 2024, people who wish to stand out will find the cool-toned blonde to be stunning and contemporary. For a stylish and young appearance, team it with a lively, colorful ensemble. The sophisticated touch of platinum makes it appropriate for any event.

Dreamy Gold Waves of Rose

Favorite hair color trends still include rose gold. Soft and romantic, these lovely rose gold waves are ideal for anybody wishing to infuse their style with a little imagination. Many skin tones are complemented by the warm and attractive color created by the mixing of pink and gold tones. Summertime fun and games abound with this choice.

Pastel Pink Ponytail

Summer hair done in a joyful and young way is this soft pink ponytail. A light and airy pastel pink is ideal for a little burst of color without becoming overpowering. For anyone who wishes to play with color subtly, it’s a great option. It looks great when worn casually.

Glamorous Rainbow Curls

These vivid rainbow curls are the way to go for anyone who likes to make a statement. For summer festivals and gatherings, the combination of strong colors produces a visually arresting appearance. Fun and inventiveness rule this look, which lets you use your hair to show off your individuality. It really is a showstopper.

Palette Pink Waves

A delicate and lovely summertime choice are these pastel pink waves. Your appearance gains a whimsical touch from the feminine and attractive light pink hue. Anyone who wishes to embrace the pastel trend without going overboard will find this look ideal. It’s breezy and light, ideal for bright days.

Light Golden Blonde

The classic summertime favorite, golden honey blonde, is back. Your hair looks sun-kissed and healthy with the natural shine this warm, rich hue gives it. It’s an easy hue to style and goes well with a variety of complexion tones. Golden honey blonde hair always looks great worn straight, wavy, or curled.

Very Deep Red Waves

These deep crimson waves look great when worn boldly and elegantly. Your hair looks spectacular and exquisite, with the deep red color adding depth and character. For brunettes wishing to make a color change without deviating too much from their natural hue, it’s a fantastic option. There’s intrigue and glitz added by the red.

Lilac Aspirations

Summertime calls for the beautiful, ethereal hue of lilac. Soft and feminine, these violet waves have an enchanted, fairytale-like effect. For those wishing to try something new, lilac’s cool undertones go well with a range of complexion tones. The color scheme is unusual but understated.

Rob Coral Chic

Summertime is best represented by coral, which this stylish haircut highlights. Making a statement is made easy by the striking and brilliant coral hue. A fantastic option for people who want to keep up with trends, the short bob style gives a contemporary and edgy edge. For a clean, current style, team it with basic clothing and a little makeup.

Waves of Radiant Strawberry Blonde

Gorgeous, flowing waves in strawberry blonde. Golden accents mixed with gentle, reddish tones produce a refined yet whimsical appearance. Ideal for people who like to give their hair a little warmth and brightness, this hue is classic and fashionable at the same time.

Rich Brunette with Highlights of Caramel

This strong brunette look with caramel highlights is a great option for people who like deeper tones. Soft, caramel streaks that add depth and brightness balance the deep, black foundation. Brownettes who want to give their color a lighthearted summer touch would love this style.

Cute Ash Blonde Bob

This season, ash blondes are trendy, and this elegant bob cut is the height of contemporary elegance. The traditional bob gains sophistication from the cool, grayish tones of ash blonde, which makes it an adaptable choice for both formal and informal settings. Perfect for everyone who enjoys short hair and wants to seem current and stylish.

Glamorous Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is still popular, and with this sophisticated look, it’s easy to understand why. There is a feeling of elegance and high fashion about the ice, an almost white blonde hue, exudes elegance and high fashion. Those prepared to create a big impression and draw attention wherever they go will look great in this outfit.

Delightful Brunette with Golden Accents

The perfect illustration of how dark hair can still look great in the summer is this sensual brunette look with golden highlights. Using well-placed golden highlights, the deep brown foundation is given a stunning and natural sun-kissed look.

Trying out different hair colors and styles is ideal in the summer. There’s a summer hair color trend for everyone, whether your taste runs to the chilly elegance of platinum blonde or the warmth of strawberry blonde. This season, don’t be scared to give something novel and enjoyable a shot. Which style excites you to try? Tell us in the space provided, and remember to save and share your favorite looks on Pinterest!

We drew inspiration for writing this piece from leading hair stylists and fashion bloggers. This summer, make sure you look amazing and current.

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